Assistance to Non-resident Investors

Frequently non-resident investors need assistance for particular tax and legal matters concerning business carried out in Italy without a subsidiary or a permanent establishment or to investigate the opportunity to take over a business. In this respect our firm can provide assistance with the following services:

  • In the acquisition field:
    Legal due diligence;
    Tax Audit and evaluation of possible contingent liabilities;
    Assistance in preparation of the “closing”;
    Assistance in reorganization projects.
  • In the tax and social security fields:
    Preparation of applications for exemption and/or refunds of excess withholding tax paid over and above that required by European Community Directives and treaties against double taxation;
    Assistance in recording VAT in Italy, handling all related requirements;
    Representation for local social security payments (in case of non resident employer).
  • In the legal field:
    Assistance in corporate issues: claims against local Boards of Directors, attendance at local Board meetings on behalf of foreign minority shareholders, audits of local corporations in the sphere of minority shareholder protection;
    Arbitration: Appointment as arbitrators in settling corporate litigation;
    Litigation; Debt recovery.