Tax advice and strategic planning

Tax advice, besides being the core of our business, is a vital component of any strategy aimed at achieving corporate goals. The complexity of modern tax legislation, along with the possible implications, even criminal , of decisions that may infringe tax law, and finally the high tax burden imposed by Italian regulations, compel company managers to ensure a correct application of tax regulations. Our firm support clients in defining broad strategies and evaluating tax implications:

  • Short, medium and long term tax planning.

  • Support in optimizing the implementation of double taxation treaties, specifically on interest, dividends and royalties.

  • Definition of transfer pricing policies in intercompany transactions.

  • Definition of the tax burden for extraordinary transactions;

  • Support in tax planning during the reorganization of the group.

Moreover, our firm renders all services and advice necessary for financial managers to deal with recurrent and daily requirements in tax matters. To be noted that the drafting of legal financial statements and tax returns are not usually carried out in-house (at least in small and medium-sized companies). The following areas are covered by our firm:

  • Drafting or support in filing the annual tax return, VAT and withholding tax declarations;

  • Advice on Income Tax and VAT problems;

  • Advice on registration duty, capital gains and IMU (real estate tax) matters;

  • Support in defining internal procedures for tax compliance controls;

  • Written opinions on specific issues;

  • Real-time information on changes in corporate and tax laws.